Thursday, August 15, 2013

Flying Eagle

My new Passat is getting some goodies: AM parking sensors (both front and back). I decided that I want the experience to mount the parking sensor kit myself. What better chance to brush up my Eagle CadSoft skills?
I designed 2 mini PCB boards for front and back connections (some relays that will trigger the sensors behavior and decouples the parking sensors from the signals sources).

Tips to remember when the need arises next time:
- in layout board when you want to make the grounding, use the rename tool on the Cu surface. Also remember that button from the toolbar that should be on when the polygon tool is picked.
- to multiply the board and to print on the right scale use the replicate_board.upl tool by the UPL button from the toolbar (the script is on the CadSoft site), then print the resulted board without mirror or rotate.
- remember that the text you want on the bottom should be mirrored.
- make some clearance via the checking tool (1mm was fine for this project)
- you can make a default wire setup via net bla bla from the Edit menu.