Saturday, August 4, 2012

Windows VNC client tunneling over SSH on Linux VNC Server

Steps to enable remote assistance:
a) On Linux(Ubuntu distro) side:
 1. Install OpenSSH server, change the port number and put an allow rule in firewall on the new SSH port number.
 2. From the Desktop Sharing ask for password and put the proper allow checks. Make sure that the firewall is blocking the 5900 port (as a safety feature).

 b) On Windows:
 3. Install TightVNC client(tried first RealVNC, but my antivirus notified me that I just put a trojan in the system, uninstalled the next second).
 4. From putty after selecting the proper host and the above SSH port number(step 1.), on SSH\tunnels I added a local 5900: forwarded port, and enabled the compression. I made a connection and authenticated to the linux server.
5. Started the TightVNC viewer, connected to the and provided the password mentioned on the step 2.

Worked like a charm.

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