Monday, August 31, 2009

Free GeoCoding ?

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This article describes how a website utilises a free reverse geocoding
data dump from

I restricted the locations to worldwide cities with greater than 1000 residents. This file was available from as a data dump. But you can use their free webservice as well by providing Lat and Long values to

Free reverse geocoding by supplying Lat and Long values.
After downloading Cities data dump and importing into my local database I set up a stored procedure to bring back locations that meet the radius parameter and passed in Lat Long values in following sql

SELECT TOP 3 as country, City.geonameid,, City.latitude, City.longitude,
Avg(3958.75 * ACos(Sin(@Latitude/57.2958) *
Sin(City.Latitude/57.2958) +
Cos(@Latitude/57.2958) *
Cos(City.Latitude/57.2958) *
Cos(City.Longitude/57.2958 - @Longitude/57.2958))) AS miles
dbo.GeoNamesCity City
join dbo.GeoNamesCountry Country on City.[country code] = Country.[iso alpha2]
WHERE City.Longitude IS NOT NULL AND City.Longitude <> 0
AND City.Latitude IS NOT NULL AND City.Latitude <> 0
AND @Miles >=
3958.75 * ACos(Sin(@Latitude/57.2958) *
Sin(City.Latitude/57.2958) +
Cos(@Latitude/57.2958) *
Cos(City.Latitude/57.2958) *
Cos(City.Longitude/57.2958 - @Longitude/57.2958))
GROUP BY, City.geonameid,, City.latitude, City.longitude
ORDER BY miles
Website users can retrieve upto 3 nearest cities to add travel review by right clicking on map

I used the following code to register the click event

Following is how the event is then handled to popup a menu for users to click on to add review, you can see that left click removes the menu

function PopupMenu(e)
if (e.eventName == "onclick")
if (e.leftMouseButton)
else if (e.rightMouseButton)
var menu = document.getElementById('popupmenu'); = e.mapX + 'px' ; = e.mapY + 'px' ;'block';
popupmenupoint = DoPixelToLL(e.clientX,e.clientY);

To remove the menu

I used a web service to query the database and bring back list of cities (you can also use geonames webservice rather than setup your own), the popupmenupoint variable in javascript holds the LatLong values to run against the geonames data dump.

The site heavily uses AJAX model to give users a seamless experience

For private websites on a limited budget using MapPoint API is an expensive part of retrieving locations by passing Lat Long values, however with free data sources and web services available you can easily integrate reverse lookup into your website.

I would like to thank and to allow me to use their data and code snippets that helped in producing this website.

Article contributed by Mo Majad ( Have you got something to contribute?