Sunday, May 18, 2008

Starting is hard sometimes

I just watched the architecture getting started video for Microsoft Robotics Studio (MSRS) and decided to play with Visual Programming Language for MSRS. Is very intuitive and I made a hello world application in 30 seconds. But when tried to run I got:
A valid transport port was not specified.
This setback is easy to resolve by using
netstat -a -o
and see if the ports are used already by your system and make a decision if you want to terminate the program that is using the ports or to use other ports. To change what ports to use is fairly simple. From the Run menu choose Port Settings and enter the desired unused port numbers (let say 55004 and 55504).
Running again I got other error:
DsspForwarder:CreateRequestFrowarder. System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException: Specified argument was out of the range of valid values. Parameter name: Transport not found in local ServiceEnvironment instance, for scheme:http
ouch. Error that is hiding other error in other service:
Cannot create a TCP Listener.
Error was raised because my operating system was Vista, and UAC (User Account Control) is on. The right solution for this is to use httpreserve, not to disable the UAC. I run DSS Command Prompt from the menu group Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio as administrator and executed the command httpreserve /port:55004 /user:me ( 55004 is the http port and me is current vista user logged in). After this application run smoothly and a hello appear.

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